planto flex - "Second Skin" Gardening Gloves

For perfect protection and all-day comfort.

planto flex -
# 90513   
planto flex -
# 90514   

planto flex Gloves offer you absolutely ideal protection for all kinds of gardening. As well as being very durable, they are also so comfortable that you'll hardly notice you're wearing them. You'll simply feel the firm grip, soft, supple material and good ventilation between the fingers.
 Tried and tested. The insides, made of beautifully soft cowhide, ensure the gloves are superbly comfortable to wear, ventilated spaces between the fingers guarantee sufficient air circulation and sweat-free hands under all circumstances.
 Clever. The stretch-spandex fabric on the back-of-the-hand adapts to your own individual anatomy as well as to every movement you make, the gathered wrist feature ensures the glove stays in the right position however hard and fast you are working.
 Ecological. It goes without saying that all materials used have been tested to ensure they contain no toxic substances and are CE-certified according to EN 420

These Leather Spandex Gardening Gloves are available in the following sizes:
Ladies size 8 / M   # 90513
Gents size 10 / L   # 90514

Leather Gardening Gloves

Comfortable fit. Best protection.

Leather Gardening Gloves
# 90507   
Leather Gardening Gloves
# 90508   

These high-quality leather gloves are ideal for all intensive gardening work, where your hands need the perfect protection.
 Reliable. The top quality of the cracked cowhide with an average thickness of over 1.2mm ensures safety. The gauntlet, which is made from white cotton ticking, additionally protects the carpal of your hand.
 Pleasant. No uncomfortable seams. No weals around the wrist. Thanks to the soft lining, your hand will not tire, even after hours.
 Reinforced. Doubly protected is better! Just in the places that matter: at the carpal (above the ticking), on the outside, on the knuckle and around the inside of your hand, an extra layer of leather protects. Also thumbs and index fingers for the gents - so you can grip particularly hard.
 Durable. The excellent material doesn't give up in a hurry, even after long hours of work.

These leather gardening gloves are available for
Ladies size 8 / M   # 90507
Gents size 10 / L   # 90508

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